Established in 1963, TOGA employs 2500 staff in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

TOGA has an excellent track record of successfully delivering multi-use residential projects which attract new residents and investors to key areas around Sydney, and which capitalise on the existing amenities, as well as encouraging retailers and restaurateurs to invest in the area.

TOGA is the name behind award-winning projects such as the Jones Bay Wharf rejuvenation in Sydney, the Darwin Waterfront Precinct, Bondi Boheme and the Adelaide Treasury building.

The TOGA Group’s experience in building and managing quality property developments is testament to our market insight and capacity to deliver cost-effective quality products.

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SJB Architects

Good architecture fulfils functional necessities but also expresses place, community and the era in which it is built.

Housing is a significant constituent of every city. The design of thoughtfully crafted, higher-density living solutions is a worthy and joyful endeavour that we believe to be at the forefront of our work as architects.

We practise in Australia. For over 40 years we have challenged stale preconceptions about how to improve, expand and intensify people’s civic and private lives through built form. Our architecture contributes to the creation of better places and cities. Our architecture helps to sustain a strong economy and ensure a robust and resilient future.

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Architect Prineas

Creating enduring places to live, work and visit.

At Architect Prineas we understand and creatively adapt places that are already special. Be it an extreme or intimate change, a reinvention or an enhancement – each project is an opportunity to be part of our clients’ distinctive routines and vision for living. We share our knowledge and love for quality spaces and aesthetic, creating enduring places to live, work and visit.

Arcadia Landscape Architect

Creating communities through our landscapes.

Arcadia Landscape Architecture is a talented team of landscape architects and urban designers focused on designing world class landscapes. We thrive on designing open spaces that bring people together and we love to collaborate with our clients and other consultants to produce exceptional landscapes. We aim to create memorable places that will help improve quality of life and promote community connections.